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WELCOME to the Encouraging Christian Connection! Relax and take a break in the pages of this inspirational and educational web site. In the MAIN MENU below you can find spiritual refreshment, read uplifting, inspirational and encouraging writings, humorous church stories, church bulletin bloopers, funny children stories, Thoughts For The Day, uplifting proverbs, Bible studies, educational writings, and more.

The Inspirational Stories and Encouraging Writings will warm your heart, touch your soul, and stir your spirit with encouraging, inspiring stories and uplifting Christian stories, or just give you food for thought.

Inspirational Christian scriptures in Our Daily Bread, include a daily "Bible Story" and are updated each night.

The article Why Jesus asks some very important questions about Jesus Christ and how to have a relationship with Him. Why Do I Need Jesus In My Life? What Is Jesus All About? It addresses who Jesus Christ is to you.

Church Humor And Stories will brighten your day with funny, church humorous short stories and religious writings, amusing church bulletin bloopers and funny children's comments.

Check out Thoughts For The Day for inspiring one-liners, thought provoking proverbs, and inspirational Thoughts For The Day.

Escape from the moment in one of the Inspiring Music Videos and enjoy some uplifting, inspiring music and Inspirational Videos for your inspiration and encouragement.

Read thought provoking commentaries and topical Christian studies that will challenge you and make you stop and think about your beliefs. In Things The Bible Never Said learn what Jesus and the Bible never actually said yet are commonly believed among Christians and taught by Christian churches, then read the scriptures that will show you the truth of what was actually spoken in the Bible.

In Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? find out if Christmas and Easter are a Biblically based Christian Holidays. Learn where the customs and traditions really come from. Discover why we keep Christmas and Easter today.

Read Sabbath or Sunday to learn which day of the week is the true day of rest for Christians. Find out if you should observe the 7th day Sabbath, (Saturday), or the 1st day rest, (Sunday). See if a Christian even needs to keep the 4th commandment at all. Does it make any difference whether you rest on the Sabbath or Sunday?

Read How Can I Live Forever In The Kingdom Of God? If you have ever wondered what happens when you die. Do you believe you go to heaven? What would happen to YOU if you die right now? Find the answer in this study. Thanks for visiting The Encouraging Christian Connection.

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Can Jesus Actually Keep Me Out Of Hell?

Can Jesus Really Save Me To Heaven?

Why Should I Believe Jesus Is God And Be A Christian?

Daily Bible Stories And Scriptures

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The following are offered for educational purposes for those wanting to know more

and to learn the truth about some Christian teachings that conflict with what the Bible Says!.

What Does The Bible Really Say About Going to Heaven When We Die, Which Day to Rest and Worship,
Celebrating Christmas and Easter, And The Pre-Tribulation Rapture?

Things Jesus And The Bible Never Said

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