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Not What I Meant

I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out that there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't a God, and die to find out that there is. What if you miss out on the most incredible opportunity in your life because you don't have the right information? Most people believe what they believe because that's just what they always believed! It's what they were taught growing up, but most people never take the time to confirm that what they believe is true according to what is plainly written in Scripture! They never prove their spiritual beliefs are the same as what the Bible actually says! How about you? The next 5 pages will show you things the Bible never said but are commonly taught to or believed by most Christians. See what the Bible doesn't say, as well as the plain scriptures that show what it actually does say.

Ten commandments

God Is One

No Judgment 2


Sabbath 2

Women Preaching

Women Teaching

Unclean Meats

(More Things The Bible Never Said follow these reflective questions.)

When you die do you know where you will go?
Do you know why you believe what you do?
If what you believe isn't true, would you want to know it?
Why wait until the eleventh hour and risk an unexpected death?

Learn How To Be Saved Forever



Tithing 2


Speaking In Tongues

(More Things The Bible Never Said follow these reflective questions.)

Why become a Christian?
What does Christianity offer me that I don't already have?
Why should I change to Christianity when my religion provides everything I need?
What is the benefit to me of being a follower of Jesus?
Can I really live forever if I do become a Christian?
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Find out how to live for eternity with Jesus.


Easter 2

Easter 3

Pay Taxes

(More Things The Bible Never Said follow these reflective questions.)

Why wait until you are at your wit's end to seek God?
Is there someone who can help you with all the troubles in your life?
How can You find peace and happiness with God today?
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What Can Jesus Christ Do For Me?


Raptured To Heaven


Always Saved

Broad Path

What if Christians are resting on the wrong day?
What if the day of rest was not changed from Sabbath to Sunday?
What if the Bible says Christians should still be resting on the 7th day as God did at creation?
Does it make any difference which day of the week you observe?
You need to know what the Bible actually says about this!
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Sabbath Or Sunday?
Which Day Should We Keep?

That Moment

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